Meet Our Team

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Angela Murray

Director of Training

Angela has over 25 years of experience teaching canine parenting classes, private lessons and working with canine behavioral problems using up-to-date, force-free, fear free techniques. In 2009 and 2012 She became certified through the only national known council for professional dog trainers ( and now teaches a college prep course for those interested in acquiring this certification. Angela has been a mentor for the Animal Behavior College & CATCH Training Academy and became a Nutritional Pet Care Specialist through DNM University in 2017. She believes in nurturing dogs to be physically and mentally healthy. In 1998 she was an intern that conducted observational canine research at Wolf Park in Battle Ground, IN, has served on the board of the Fox Valley Therapy Club and is an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator. Angela currently shares her home with her high school sweetheart, their two sons, two Australian Shepherds and a cat.


Shannon Witt

Director of Nutrition

Shannon Witt has worked in the pet industry for 18 years; she was a Veterinary Practice Manager for over 10 & has been feeding her dogs a raw diet for the last decade. After the cancer diagnosis of her 9 yr. old dog Bebe 2 years ago, she began formulating her own homemade raw diet & has watched her not only survive cancer but thrive and become healthier than she has been in years.  Shannon has 3 certifications in Pet Nutrition & is currently working towards a Clinical Pet Nutrition certification as well as Homeopathy & Herbalism. She has a passion for helping dogs live their best, healthiest life possible & her dream is to see dogs return to their ancestral lifespan of 15 – 20 years, not the 8 – 11 they are currently expected to live.


“I think of nutrition like building a house. You cannot build a stable, sturdy house without a strong foundation. Nutrition is the foundation needed to build a strong, sturdy, resilient pet. You cannot make quality repairs to your house without the right tools. Nutritional components are the right tools to repair many illnesses, injuries & neurological issues.”

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Valerie Popp

Certificate of completion from Waubonsee Community College


Jonelle Rueland

Certificate of completion from Waubonsee Community College


Sarah Majewski

Certificate of completion from Waubonsee Community College

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