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Canine Training & Nutrition

Our Promise

Assist pet owners in nurturing their dogs physical and emotional needs, with the goal of creating healthy dogs that live longer and have fewer behavioral issues.  We practice the  “LIMA” (least intrusive, minimally aversive) methodology which fosters a trusting relationship between parent and pup. Our nutritional expertise focuses on each dogs individual health, allowing them to be good & feel good on a daily basis.

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Begin your journey towards a healthy well behaved canine good citizen. We offer group classes, private lessons and behavior modification using force-free and fear-free methods. Services include a unique puppy parenting program, guidance for adolescent dogs, and practice for passing AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test

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Optimal health is achieved through proper nutrition. Proper nutrition is essential for physical, metabolic & emotional health, just as improper nutrition is responsible for poor physical appearance, chronic illnesses & unstable emotions. Our goal is to achieve optimal health for every dog, through individual nutritional guidance.